Duchateau, a name already in the 1650s linked to the green industry.

The family story bring us back to "Greffel", my great-grandfather, in about 1840. He was a pioneer in the grafting of trees.
This activity has over the years developed into a nursery of flowers, plants and vegetables in which the next generation played an important role.


My parents decided to fully specialize in flower cultivation and bindery after the turbulent and difficult war years.

In 1957 I decided to go further into the flowerbusiness.
I spent a year in Friesdorf, Germany, where I earned my degree master florist at the floweracademy.
During this period I got together with Christa Dohrmann, my wife, also master florist.

For over 50 years our shop is located in the city of Sint-Truiden.

Since the early years, we aimed to progress and this did not change.


I became president of the Royal Union of Florists Limburg, later Belgium, and I closed my track down as European chairman.
Still, my whife and I share the same passion for flowers and our daughter, Annemie, followed in our footsteps.

Annemie is now the protagonist in the store and we are still with her to give advice and assistance.
We are very proud of her commitment to the national and international flowerworld.

Theo Duchateau